Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Serbian PM threatens EU, NATO over Kosovo

Looks like desperation is kicking in. A very troubling year ahead for Serbia indeed. Next three months are going to be crucial for the whole region.Hard to say at this point whether cooler heads will prevail in Serbia. Article from UPI:

BELGRADE, Serbia, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- Serbia's outgoing prime minister is threatening to sever ties with countries that would recognize independence of the mainly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo province.
The Democratic Party of Serbia, headed by conservative Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica, announced Wednesday its stand for forming a new Serbian government following parliamentary elections Jan 21, the Serbian news agency Beta said.
Kostunica's party said a new coalition government should declare null and void a decision by any state or international organization, which recognizes the province of Kosovo independent of Belgrade.
The recognition of Kosovo's independence by any NATO member country would seriously endanger Serbia's relations with the alliance as it would mean that NATO air bombardment of Serbia in 1999 was aimed at snatching away Kosovo, Kostunica's party said.
Kostunica's democrats were the third strongest party, behind the opposition ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical party and the Democratic party of Serbian President Boris Tadic.
Officials of the European Union in Brussels have made public their expectations the parties of Tadic, Kostunica and a pro-EU reformist party to form a pro-European coalition government to support the EU stand on Kosovo. Fair use.

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