Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ceku warns Serbs against partition

3 February 2007 | Source: B92, Reuters, AP PRISTINA -- In an interview to Reuters, Agim Ceku warned Serbs “not to separate from Kosovo”.

Agim Ceku (FoNet)
Agim Ceku (FoNet)

Kosovo’s prime minister told the agency that although Martti Ahtisaari’s proposal did not fulfil all the Kosovo Albanians’ expectations, any attempt on the part of the Serbs in the north of the province to partition territory “will not work”.

“Serbs need to realize this is not 1991. They cannot do what Serbs in Croatia did. That will simply not be allowed”, Ceku warned.

“Ahtisaari’s document guarantees Kosovo territorial integrity and the entire territory of Kosovo will be governed by Kosovo institutions”, he added.

Ceku also said he was “not worried” over Russia’s support to Belgrade and its position favoring Kosovo within Serbia.

“I hope that, in the end, Russia will support a new UN resolution on Kosovo”, Ceku said.

Earlier, Kosovo's prime minister told The Associated Press he expected the UN to adopt a new Kosovo resolution “by April”.

Agim Ceku, who accepted a UN proposal released Friday on the future of Kosovo, said the plan described the province as an independent state and gave it the attributes of statehood.

"Kosovo is definitely running the last mile toward independence," Ceku said.

Speaking after the meeting with Ahtisaari on Friday, Ceku said the UN envoy's document “opened the doors to Kosovo’s independence”.

“The way Ahtisaari describes Kosovo, it’s a sovereign and independent state. However, this document still falls short of all our expectations, all our demands, all that belongs to us and that we have asked for and we will examine it critically during the next couple of weeks”, Ceku said.

Sejdiu with Ahtisaari in Priština Friday (FoNet)
Sejdiu with Ahtisaari in Priština Friday (FoNet)

Kosovo Albanians’ negotiating team believes the proposal is a basis for the creation of independent Kosovo.

Kosovo president Fatmir Sejdiu said, after meeting UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari in Priština Friday, that his comprehensive status proposal will make the province “a sovereign and independent state”.

“The negotiating team will offer its comments and suggestions on president Ahtisaari’s document very soon and remains committed to continuing the process as planned”, Sejdiu said.

Democratic Party of Kosovo leader Hashim Thaci said Kosovo had entered a new phase which represents a foundation of statehood and sovereignty on its entire territory. He dubbed February 2 “a historic day” for the province.

In a session held late yesterday, Kosovo government said that Ahtisaari’s status proposal was “a good message for the Kosovo citizens”.

“At the same time this is proof that the international community is determined to resolve Kosovo’s status without delay”, a statement issues after the session read.

The government stressed that “Ahtisaari’s proposal further clarified Kosovo’s future, opening way to independence”. Fair Use.


serbsinkosovoareindanger said...

THis is clearly Ceku threatening the Serbs. He killed and drove the Serbs out of Krajina Croatia and he is ready to drive the Serbs out of Kosovo if they don't do whatever he wants them to do. These threats are a bad thing for Ceku to do.

Balkan Update said...

What is the purpose of him threatening Serb people? I think he has proved himself to the Serbs and everybody else. He fought when it was necessary and helped liberate Croatia and Kosovo- very soon he will be the PM of the youngest country in the world.I understand that he has been a thorn on your eyes, but don't take it personally boddy. He fought against barbarism and savagery spearheaded by previous regime- something he is very proud about. Give the man his dues!