Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ipko Net granted a licence for second mobile operator in Kosovo

A Kosovo telecommunications agency granted a license for second mobile operator in Kosovo to Ipko Net, a company in majority owned by Telekom Slovenia that attended the tender for the second GSM license in Kosovo in a joint venture.

A president of Management Board Bojan Dremelj said at the occasion: "We are glad to receive the news on the Kosovo tender outcome, since it represents a great success for Telekom Slovenia Group. Our first task is to pay the license and thus actually become the tender winner. Starting yet tomorrow we will do our best to carry out plans from our offer and achieve our progress goals."

At first a Kosmocell consortium was selected at the international tender, but it failed to pay the license in a due time. According to the tender rules the Kosovo telecommunications agency withdrew the license and granted it to the second best tender applicant The appointed time for the license payment is 14 days. Telekom Slovenia offered € 75 million for the license via Ipko Net. Telekom Slovenia owns a 75% majority stake in

Ipko Net is the main internet services provider in Kosovo. Currently it provides services such as internet access, data transport and/or inter-office telephony to more than 2000 thousand business clients, and it has over 1000 internet users.
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