Sunday, March 04, 2007

Greek Military using anti Albanian and anti Turkish songs to motivate its soldiers

A newspaper in Greece, Ta Nea, has published a video which shows the Greek military using anti Albanian and Turkish songs to motivate its soldiers. According to the newspaper the video was recorded by cell phone. In one portion of the video the Greek soldiers are heard singing:

“You see them, they call them Albanians, we will make ropes from their intestines. You see them, they are called Turks, we will make shoes from their skins”. In another portion of the video they are also heard spouting anti Macedonian songs.

The “Ta Nea” newspaper quotes former military officers as saying this is a common practice in the Greek military. At the same time, the newspaper quotes a current officer in the Greek military named Thanasis Bafas as saying that anti Albanian and anti Turkish songs/rhetoric is officially prohibited in the Greek military since 2001. This raised the question of whether this kind of behavior was officially sanctioned prior to 2001, but the newspaper does not offer an explanation.

The Albanian government has reportedly lodged an official complaint, asking the Greek government to prohibit all anti-Albanian xenophobia in their military. No word whether the Turkish government has done the same.

The videos can be seen below:

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