Friday, March 02, 2007

"On Being Morally Challenged By Collective Memories"

I got this template from a friend at Kent University in Ohio. I am just posting it here so that if you are in the area you can attend it. I understand there will an interesting discussion about whether crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia, and especially Kosovo, were as a result of "collective memories nurtured in Serbs for seven centuries". The author will attempt to prove his assertion that this is the case.

Interestingly enough this topic has been visited by other authors in the past. The basic contention is that Serbs have been, in a way, prepared, over the centuries, to commit and justify crimes against their neighbors. If you are interested in learning more about this topic read a book by Branimir Anzulovic titled: Heavenly Serbia: From Myth to Genocide. Among other things he makes an assertion that the Orthodox Church of Serbia provided the moral support to Serbian regime to commit crimes against other ethic groups. It should be pointed out that Mr.Anzulovic is of Croatian origin and is often accused by Serbs of spreading Serbo-phobia. He of course denies the allegation, and this particular book is mostly fact based and a very interesting read.

In any case, Serbs, understandably reject the whole notion that they, as a nation, are more prone to killing others then any other ethic group.

Now back to the topic. Attend this event if you can! I have been made aware that there is a significant number of Serbs living in the are, so I presume they will attend this event to challenge the assertion made by Dr. Peter French. I predict a lively discussion. For more info visit

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