Saturday, April 28, 2007

“Tsar Lazar Guard” rounds up Kosovo volunteers

PublishBELGRADE -- The so-called
St.Tsar Lazar Guard is gathering volunteers ready to wage a war in case Kosovo becomes independent.

Picture: "soldiers" who will save Kosovo?

According to Belgrade daily Danas, an organization known as the National Serbian Movement will host a Serbian Assembly in the Lazarica Church in Kruševac on May 5, where it plans to swear in “the Saint Tsar Lazar Guard vowed to free Kosovo and Metohija.”

Serbian Veterans Movement president Željko Vasiljević said that May 5 would see “the establishment of a first uniformed Christian militia squad, comprised of war veterans from all over Serbia.”

“A hundred veterans will attend the Assembly”, he said, and added that the number of “eager volunteers” in Serbia already topped 5,000 mark. Fair used from
B92 and Danas.