Saturday, April 28, 2007

About UN mission to Kosovo and how the Serb propaganda coup fizzled

UN ambassadors strolling through a street in Kosovo. From right to left: US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Head on UN Mission in Kosovo Joachim Rycker, French ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sablière and Vitaly Churkin ( far left) from the Russian mission to the UN. Kosovo media report that the Russian ambassador went to extraordinary lengths to hide from the media. He hasn't said a single thing to the media during the two day mission to Kosovo.

In keeping with his bizarre behaviors of leaving a hall if there are people he doesn't agree with, Mr. Churkin was the only ambassador who refused to attend a meeting with non Serb minorities.

Xhazair Murat and Zylfi Merxha, members of Kosovo Parliament representing non Serb minorities, who were present at the meeting, were quoted as saying that they were surprised to see Mr. Churkins seat empty. According to media reports Churkin refused to attend a meeting when he learned that all non Serb minorities were strongly pro independence.

Propaganda Coup Fizzles

In another bizarre but related story, Kosovo daily Express reports that bus loads of Serbs from the Kosovo town of Shterpc and other towns traveled to the Serbian side of the border with Kosovo to ask the UN delegation to help them return to Kosovo. Later, those same people were caught on camera by RTK holding signs that said they cannot return to Kosovo. I have always said: Serbs never cease to amaze.

The propaganda coup fizzled when it became evident that most of the Serbs protesting at the border were actually living in Kosovo. The UN delegation refused to visit the border citing “logistical” difficulties.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing. They are desperate but can do little. Indpependnece is coming. But Albanians should not stop working for a better Kosovo for everyone.

WARchild said...

Ah, the good of old days.

Balkan Update said...

Thanks for that video link! It is just another reminder that Serbs are putting their eggs in a rotted basket. If Russia was looking out for Serbia, why did Putin pull the Russian soldiers out from Kosovo several years ago? I am rather glad that Russia is appearing to be "looking out" for Serbia whereas Kosovo looks up to the U.S and E.U. This draws a clear contrast between what Serbia and Kosovo stand for.