Thursday, May 17, 2007

Alleged plot suspect says he loves U.S.

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Troy Graham and George Anastasia)
& Courier Post Online(Lisa Grzyboski )

Agron Abdullahu never would have participated in a plot to kill American soldiers, his lawyer said, because of his gratitude to the United States for saving his family from the war in Kosovo, its homeland.

Abdullahu, 24, was charged last week with aiding and abetting three fellow ethnic Albanians [who were born in Macedonia, but grew up in the U.S] in acquiring firearms in an alleged plan to attack soldiers at Fort Dix.

Authorities said that while Abdullahu joined the others on trips to practice shooting weapons, he said he did not want to kill people.

[Trigger happy prosecutor?]

At Thursday's hearing, Abdullahu's defense lawyer, public defender Lisa Evans Lewis, said that what the government characterized as weapons training was really a vacation. She said Abdullahu did not know the men were planning an attack.

"Given the great feeling of indebtedness he has toward the United States, he insists that he would never do anything to harm the people of his new homeland," Lewis wrote of Abdullahu, a legal permanent resident living in the Collings Lakes section of Buena Vista Township.

She said Abdullahu, who has a legal gun permit, is never listed in the federal government's complaint as a 100-percent participant in the alleged murder conspiracy. There are also no allegations in the complaint indicating Abdullahu knew the Duka brothers were illegal immigrants when he helped them obtain guns such as a 9 millimeter Beretta handgun and an SKS semi-automatic rifle and instructed them on their use.

Family members described Abdullahu as someone who worked six or seven days a week, often for 10 to 12 hours, paid the bills for the family, and even bought his 21-year-old sister a car.

[Phony accusations and phony indictment?]

[One of the allegation by the prosecutors was that Abdullahu was an "islamist" but]...
His father, Sejdulla Abdullahu, said no one in the family speaks Arabic. He said the family was not religious and that the only religious ceremonies they took part in were at funerals.

As a 16-year-old, Abdullahu came to Fort Dix with his family as refugees from Kosovo to avoid massacres by Serbians. [So much about the Serb propaganda that attempted to link him to the KLA] After settling nearby, he became a baker at the ShopRite in Williamstown, where he worked until his arrest. His lawyer has acknowledged Abdullahu is a gun enthusiast, but has also said he enjoys renovating cars.

Raymond Million, a former boss and friend who was willing to post the equity of his home as part of a bail package, also spoke on Abdullahu's behalf Thursday.
"You don't find a man that has the character that he has," Million said.

Fair use.

Jihadist or Good Citizen?
Alleged plot suspect says he loves U.S.

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