Friday, May 04, 2007

Another possible mass grave with Kosovo Albanian found in Serbia

Prosecution looks into possible mass grave site

BELGRADE -- The war crimes prosecution plans to investigate a possible mass grave near Kosovo.

The office of the Serbian war crimes prosecutor said authorities would begin digging at the site near the town of Raška on June 5.

Earlier, RFE reported that the grave was located at an abandoned quarry in the village of Rudnica on the administrative boundary line between Kosovo and Serbia.

"We have indications that there is a mass grave in the Raška area," Reuters quoted Bruno Vekarić, spokesman for the prosecutor. "We suspect they are Albanian victims."

Officials from Kosovo will attend the investigation in June, the head of Kosovo's missing persons commission, Arif Mucolli, told Reuters.

"Some witnesses saw a vehicle unload something at that spot," said an unnamed official in the Serbian war crimes court, quoted in Belgrade weekly Vreme.

"We will know very soon whether it was earth from a road being built nearby or bodies."
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