Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Serbia sinks deeper into the abyss

The Serbian parliament the other day elected the deputy leader of the extra-extra Radical Party of Serbia as the speaker of parliament. The Radical Party is lead by, Vojislav Seselj, whose trial is ongoing in The Hague for alleged crimes he perpetrated in Kosovo. The return of the Radical to power in Serbia is the same as if Bath Party of Saddam Hussein were to return to power in Baghdad. The Radicals lead Serbia through out the 1990’s in the coalition with Slobodan Milosevic, and we all know the outcome of their actions. But what’s in store for Serbia now? Well if we go by the program of this party and statements of its leaders we should expect the following:

Worsening of relationships with the neighboring countries. One of the programs of the radical Party is to unite all the Serbs who live in the neighboring countries into one country, namely Serbia. That means half of Montenegro is gone, half of Bosnia, a chunk of Croatia, and of course the whole of Kosovo. I get a feeling that these countries don’t like this plan.

Bye Bye EU,NATO and most definitely the US. The acting head of the Radical Party has recently stated that Serbia should forge closer relation with Russia and China. He hates the U.S (yes HATES), the idea of all Europeans living peacefully in one union is anathema to him, and the sole mentioned of NATO drive him nuts.

What about Kosovo? He stated recently that he would be willing to send in the Serb Army if Kosovo is given independence.

So the bad news for the citizens of Serbia seems to never end. Their country is sinking deeper into the abyss. If Kosovo needed another reason to justify its independence, now they have it.

Here is a snapshot of what the Serbian Media is saying about his election. From BBC Monitoring:

“Popular tabloid Blic sees Mr Nikolic's appointment as a retrograde step. Its main headline reads: "The only one missing is Sloba", referring to the former Yugoslav president and war crimes suspect Slobodan Milosevic.”

This one from B92:

"This looks horribly like when the Nazis came into power in Germany in 1933," he says. "We all know what will follow: re-equipping the army and preparations for a new war, during which Kostunica and Nikolic will again flourish weapons and point the finger at 'Serbian lands', while young people will either be killed or become physical and mental invalids."

“Some of the English-language comments on the site are by Albanians and say this is why Kosovo can never be part of Serbia again.”

Ferik F.


Anonymous said...

I see no report on the ethnic Albanians who were plotting to kill American soldiers at Fort Dix. One of those is said to have been a sniper in Kosovo and had military training in Egypt.

Balkan Update said...

If you look better you would see it. And no, he was neither a sniper in Kosovo and nor he had any kind of military training. In fact he wasn't even part of the alleged plot. This is another Serb propaganda that fizzled.

Article here: http://www.balkanupdate.com/2007/05/alleged-plot-suspect-says-he-loves-us.html