Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Another possible mass grave probed in Serbia

Picture: Yet another possible mass grave in Raška, Serbia with Kosovo Albanians? (From Kosovo daily Express; Kosmet Put refers to the name of the company that owns the pictured property). According to B92, the examination of this suspected mass grave that "allegedly contains up to 500 bodies" begun June 5th. The examination of the site is still continuing.

According to B92, "several witnesses claim that at the beginning of June 1999, during the NATO bombing campaign, as many as 350 bodies were transported in four trucks from unknown locations in Kosovo and buried in the Raška region in southern Serbia."

Eight years after NATO saved the people of Kosovo from the jaws of Serbia, mass graves are still found in Serbia, yet Serbia still has the “audacity” to insist in ruling the people of this small territory. News like this reminds me why Serbia finds no sympathy in the world today. Sadly the majority of this nation is still in denial about its recent dark past.

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