Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The competition for Kosovo’s flag and emblem is open to all those
interested, without restrictions.

Entrants should bear in mind that the people of Kosovo should be
able to identify with their flag and emblem. Accordingly, the flag
and emblem should reflect a commitment to a common future in a
spirit of respect and tolerance in Kosovo.

Flag and emblem entries will be accepted provided they arrive
within and not beyond the deadline set in this announcement and
that they fully comply with the regulations contained within this

Criteria for Proposals to Determine the Flag and Emblem of

Participants in the competition are encouraged to submit proposals
for a flag and emblem of Kosovo that:
— are simple in design and color scheme, without words, slogans,
or mottos;
— are unique and original:
— are easily recognizable; and
— reflect the aspirations of the people of Kosovo for integration
into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.
Any submission must adhere to the spirit and letter of the
Comprehensive Proposal for Kosovo Status Settlement.

To comply with the Comprehensive Settlement Proposal in specific
terms, all submissions:
— must not represent or approximate the flag or emblem of any
state, or the flag or emblem of any political party, movement or
institution of Kosovo, or imply any allegiance to any ethnic community
of Kosovo;
— must not utilize the representation of any eagle symbol, particularly
with regard to such depictions in the symbols of other
states; and
— must not solely utilize red and black color schemes, or red,
white and blue color schemes.
The flag should be rectangular and of the proportions of 2:3

The following regulations for the flag and emblem competition
Competition entries must be submitted in a sealed envelope
as follows:
Flag and emblem designs in full color on an A4 sheet of paper (only
one flag or emblem design per sheet). The design may be drawn by
hand or using a computer. Name and contact details must not be
written on these sheets.
A separate A4 sheet of paper containing the following information:
first and last name, address, telephone number, date and place of
birth of the entrant, as well as a reduced copy of the submitted flag
and emblem design on the same sheet, placed inside a separate
closed envelope and sent together with the flag or symbol design to
which it refers.

A declaration by the entrant as follows: “This is my own work. I
authorize the selection committee to publish or display the design both
during and after the competition. If my design is selected, I authorize its
use as the flag and emblem of Kosovo without restrictions of time or
form, and without claims for royalties or other remuneration, apart
from the rewards that are contained within this announcement.”
If more than one design is submitted, each individual design must
be shown on a separate A4 sheet. The designer’s name and contact
details must be clearly marked on one or more additional A4 sheets
together with reductions of all the designs submitted, placed inside
separate closed envelopes.

Flag and emblem designs may be accompanied by a brief description
(no more than 150 words) of the rationale behind the concept,
written on a separate sheet of paper in any of the official languages
of Kosovo.

Once an entry has been submitted, it becomes the property of the
competition commission. Thereafter the entrant(s) may not publish,
show or use the design in any public display until after the competition
has been finalized and a flag and emblem selected. Failure to
comply with this regulation may result in immediate disqualification.

The three proposals that are selected will be awarded:
1st place: 10,000 €
2nd place: 7,000 €
3rd place: 5,000 €

The competition organizers will not accept responsibility or liability
for any legal action arising from the submission of plagiarized
materials, or otherwise arising from the conduct of the

Entries for both competitions must be received no later than
5:00 p.m. on June 27, 2007.
Competition entries may be delivered in person from 8:00am
until 5:00pm, or by posted mail, in a plain envelope clearly
marked as follows:

Kosovo Unity Team
Competition for the Flag and Emblem of Kosovo
Rr. Nene Tereza
New Government Building
8th floor, nr. 803
10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
Applications sent electronically will not be accepted in order to
preserve confidentiality.
The competition will remain open 15 days from the date of
publication of the announcement.

Questions pertaining to this competition can be addressed by electronic
mail to: or telephone:
038/200-14-208, 044/929-600, 044/165-765. Fax: 038/200-14-202.


Tony said...

Could anyone tell me what is the outcome of this competition. Is there a site that one can view entries and when is the final decision to be made.

Anonymous said...

UN can change are flag and so can the rest of the world but regradless we will keep the flag we have always faught for and the flag we as albanians have always called ours the red and black with the two headed eagle...... thats the onlt flag we will except... you can change the symbols and eveything but you cant tell us what we want and what is in our hearts... the world may know us with another flag but we will always represent and have the red and black two headed eagle flag fly high because so many albanians died for that flag and thats the flag we will have to honor all the died albanians that died to bring independence to all albanian countrys.... roft krejt vendet shpitar..... kosova, shqiperia, mali zi, macadonia, cameria, preshave valley, and everywhere thier is a majority of albanians.... (UNITED STATES OF ALBANIAN) the world spilt the albanian coutries up, tried to break us apart, now trying to change the flag, you guys could do all of that but one day we will rejoin are mother country and form a greater albanina and thats why the rest of the world is changing our symbols..... red and black two headed eagle flag is the only one we will every except....

Tony said...

I can feel your passion for your Mother country, Albania - but I dont understand your intolerance.

You are supposedly in Kovosa, not in Albania. Kosova wants indepenence from Serbia, not from Albania. Kosovo is Kosova, not Albania.

In this period of transition, Kosova (not Albania) needs an identity. The Competition for the Flag and Emblem of KOSOVA is doing just that.

All I asked in my original comment is whether there is any news on the Competition. Your comment did not answer my question nor did it presume to understand the question.

All I ask now is for tolerance and peace for all the peoples of Kosova - including the Albanians there.

Balkan Update said...
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Balkan Update said...
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Balkan Update said...
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Balkan Update said...
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Balkan Update said...

The outcome is that 900 competing versions were submitted for consideration, and now the committee is supposed to select three of them and submit them to the parliament for a vote. Nothing like this is going to happen anytime soon as the Independence of Kosovo has now been pushed indefinitely. It appears that Kosovo leaders blossomed a little too early with this decision. Don’t expect anything on the Flag, or Independence at the very least until the end of the year. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

to everyone thats against KOSOVA's independence fuck all of you regradless if you guys support us or not we will be indepent. but if you guys dont support us its better then a GREATER ALBANINA will be formed and all 5 albanian countrys will join together and form UNITED STATES OF ALBANIAN. dont support us we will form a GREATER ALBANINA are dream will come true.

Anonymous said...

Albania is composed by more than four Ilirian Entities.
All of them speaks Ilirian language but with different dialects. Three first has a very distinct Ilirian dialect named GEGE and the rest has another Ilirian dialect named TOSKE.
On 1912 they united in one single state and agreed to be named Eagle’s Land. SHQIPERIA.
The foreign “SKOLARS” named Albania based on the name of only one of the Entities.
This was not only Ignorance but also a big mistake of these “very educated Scolars“.
The situation then was so critical for SHQIPETARET, so they accepted any injustice and compromise. This was the big price they pay to gain the independence. Of course many other Ilirian entities was ignored. This has been done in purpose to use Ilirian territories as a trade merchandise to please slavics, which in return were used in two wars. The Slavics paid their price. They lost 56 million people 1908 – 1946. Ilirian paid bigger price. They were spread over 5 different states.
Kosovare (Dardanian) now is your turn. There is no room for more mistakes. The Albanian flag is the flag of SHQIPERIA. You are not Albanian either SHQIPETAR.
You are Dardanian. It is true that you speak a similar Ilirian dialect as LABEATET, but you are not SHQIPTAR or ALBANIAN. You are DARDANIAN. The only common thing between you and Albanian is that you to are Ilirian. But ILIRIAN confederate still it doesn’t exist. Please get your Flag, your Hymn and forget Albania for now.