Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nicolas Sarkozy: Kosovo’s independence is inevitable

Interview by NYT. Below is the question and answer regarding the status of Kosovo:

NYT - (Q): If you’ll allow me to continue with Kosovo, when we’re talking about Kosovo it seems very likely that Russia will stick by its decision to veto any United Nations Security Council resolution. The United States regards this issue as a test of the European Union’s determination with respect to Moscow. Is Europe ready to see Moscow dictate it its foreign policy or is it going to endorse the decision?

Sarkozy- ( A): First, Kosovo’s independence is inevitable in the long term. Second, that Russia should want to regain its full place seems to me legitimate, and even desirable. Third, France wants excellent relations with Russia, but Russia cannot expect the rights of a big power without taking on the duties. Fourth, on the question of Kosovo, Europe has to remain united. It is all together that we must in the end back independence for Kosovo. And if I’ve said it is not a question of months or weeks, it’s because I wanted to preserve that unity. And Mr. [Vladimir V.] Putin [President of Russia] must understand that no one wants to humiliate him, that everyone understands efforts he is making to restore Russia to its standing, and no one can criticize him for this. But at the same time he must understand that his interlocutors have convictions every bit as much as he does, regarding human rights, respect for minorities, the rule of law, and democracy. It is called a frank dialogue.

Q. Is that what you had with him at [the G8 summit in] Heiligendamm [Germany, in June]?

A. Exactly. Just that. I found the talks with him very interesting. He told me his side of the truth frankly. I answered with equal frankness. I believe in Russia’s role. Russia is a great power. But no great power can exempt itself from its duties.


Mick_Aussie said...

He is in wrong obviously!

Balkan Update said...

The only obvious thing is that Kosovo will never be ruled by Serbia.All the naysayers have the freedom to think whatever they wish, but certainly not the the ability to prevent the Independence of Kosovo.

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is part of Serbia yesterday,today and tommorow doesnt mean you can say its going to be this and that all you want its still a part of Serbia.But the best example to the world would be have a look at Albania and what they have achieved in the last 50 years,enough said.

Balkan Update said...

Hey, I rather have another Albania then live in a nation with a large population of xenophobes.

Anonymous said...

1999 UN resolution states that: Kosovo is a province of Serbia.

That’s all Europe and the World needs right now, another Islamic state!

If you have a look at most of the Albanian names in the political scene in Kosovo or names that are trying to become a part of the political scene, you will see that those names are well known for organised crime throughout Europe e.g. Narcotics. Becoming a "state" and having diplomatic immunity would be something that these shady figures are after!
Kosovo will become a safe heaven for these characters, it is already in second place for the amount of narcotics that passes through it on the way to getting smuggled into Europe from places like Afghanistan and Turkey, can you guess which country is currently at number……..? I’ll give you a hint, Albani.?

Anonymous said...

Look at what happened to Chechnya when they won their "independence".... it was run by criminals, as kidnapping, murder and crime had become just a part of life.

That’s what happens when you give a "nation" to criminals!

The masked men you see fighting alongside the Russian troops in Chechnya today are all ethnic Chechens who were intelligent enough to see what happened to their country in the short time they were independent. They are intelligent enough to know that that was no way to live and run a country, why would Kosovo be any different????

The Western Nations love playing politics in someone else’s back yard, they love being “Democratic” and the word ‘Independence’ seems to be their favourite!
What is happening to the Independence of: Northern Ireland and the Basques? We don’t seem to hear about them any more…

Serbia needs to stick to its guns and ride out this storm, can’t be giving away a part of its territory to drug pushers!

BalkanUpdate said...
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BalkanUpdate said...

You used the word 'intelligence" several times, but it looks like you don't have any of it. What a brave soul you are: Offering Albanian's the same fate as Russia offered to the people of Chechnya!

Forget it, Serbia will not get a chance to repeat another Srebrenica. Anything else you want to add?