Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Serbian Mercenaries Fighting on Behalf of Gaddafi

A Serbian newspaper claims it has received information from the military that indicates Serbian mercenaries are fighting to protect Muammar Gaddafi. The source in the Serbian military claims the so called " dogs of war" were the first to arrive in Tripoli and are now helping patrol the city and presumably killing civilians as reported by other agencies. It goes on to say that Gaddafi trusts Serb mercenaries because they are "good"(at killing?) and because Libya has had a long relationship working with Serbs over the past 20 years. Apparently Serbs have done this before in 1990's when Gaddafi hired them to fight the Islamists.

This information is now being collaborated by first hand eyewitness reports from Tripoli. A newspaper in India received the following information from one of its sources: "Serbian mercenary pilots are helping the air force in Mirage bombing runs in cities, including the capital Tripoli". Various other individuals report via twitter and other website the same story.

The Alo newspaper from Serbia(screen shot on the right) goes on to say that these mercenaries, some of whom work in various African countries as hired guns and other live in Serbia, immediately swung in action after being contacted by Libyans. They left their current jobs because Libyans are apparently paying them in 10's of thousands of dollars. According to the newspapers military source these are former members of Serbian Special Forces military group called "Red Berets" who was disbanded in 2003 because too many of them were found to have connections with criminals and with the major massacres in Bosnia and Kosovo. The same people who brought us the Srebrenica and Račak massacres are now back in action again.God have mercy on Libyan civilians!

Now we know why Gaddafi's son Seif al-Islam Gaddafi referenced Yugoslavia a few days ago when he essentially threaten to repeat the bloodshed Yugoslavia saw in 1990's if protesters didn't stop. These mercenaries must have reminded him of Yugoslavia -there is no other reasons why one would compare the conflict in Yugoslavia to the current one in Libya.

It's also worth mentioning that Lybia's relation with Serbia goes much further than these mercenaries.Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić has bragged recently about his countries close relationship with Tripoli and its refusal to recognize the Independence of Kosovo. Not a single word from him or the Serbian government over these atrocities in Libya and these allegations that Serbian citizen are actively taking part in them. The silence is deafening.

Update (02/25/2011 at 9:37):
Ben Wedeman of CNN just reported on Piers Morgan Show that more Serbian as well as Ukrainian mercenaries are pouring in Libya to help prop up Gaddafi.Just confirms what I wrote above.

Second Update (02/28/2011):
Gaddafi gave his first International Interview since the crisis to Serb TV PINK:

How on earth a small TV station such as TV PINK gets such an interview?

I had to post this final update 03/21/2011:

Icing on the cake:A Facebook group in Serbia supporting Gaddafi got over 31,000 supporters just two days after being created. It's titled: Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia.
I rest my case!

What I wrote a few days ago is being reported by news agencies 3/24:
Libyan opposition accuses Serbs of supporting Gaddafi. Says multiple online support groups from Serbia with 50K + members have been waging a campaign against them and in support of Gaddafi.

From B92:

The movement also noted that "for such a small country as Serbia, with a relatively modest number of internet users", organizing more than 50,000 actively involved Gaddafi’s supporters who jointly act online "represented a grand project that demanded a lot of work, commitment and money".

“We suspect that there are powerful political organizations and political parties behind this pro-Gaddafi movement and we call on the international community to urgently do something about it,” the Libyan opposition movement concluded

There is no doubt he has strong links with Serbs and Serbia.
Ferik F.


Anonymous said...

Nothing new, typical serb style of seeing the world...

Anonymous said...

Well, money talks. Nothing to do with Serbia.

And I do not recall Italians or French governments being all strict to Qaddafi when he recently visited their countries.

Smiles and hugs everywhere.

Also, Srebrenica was massacre, Racak was not.

However, N.Africa and Arab world will just start experiencing horrible lives now. Does anyone think the Western powers will allow free elections? Where Taliban like government can be elected?


The Brit said...

The tragedy unfolding in Libya deserves better than to be used as a proxy conflict for Balkan wankers to tell lies about each other.

Ferik F - you're an immoral cunt.

Anonymous said...

Please, Ferik... I understand your frustration with the past but keep in mind the other side (Serbs) can say the same about your side.

1) There is no need to export your little brawl inside of a tiny Balkan area all over the world.

2) There is no need to import to America where you live that brawl. No one really is interested in America about this crap, only few politicians who have own agenda. Politicians support your cause to support own cause. Unfortunately your cause in the reality is not their cause. Move over that.

3) Instead of what you are doing - support tourism to Kosovo.

Your message to Americans essentially is: "Kosovo is a place with a lot of suffering". People do NOT understand more than that and if by any chance few still "make it" to Serbia as a tourist - they are scared of Kosovo and avoid it at any cost.

My word did bring some Western/American tourists to Kosovo and I know what I am speaking about. You need every Tourist Cent there - and your message here essentially is:

"If Albanian cow is dead, let the Serbian cow die, too"

Not the most useful one.

Still, all the best to you in the States, it's an amazing country.

Balkan Update said...

Anonymous said...Thu Feb 24, 06:55:00 AM
You are quite right in alluding to the fact that the west has been complicit in helping rehabilitate Gaddafi in recent years. Bush, Blair and Berlusconi are mainly responsible for this. As Faud Ajami said the other day, they did this to cover their failures in Iraq & I am sure to advance their business interest.
This does not absolve Serbia of it's own responsibilities; they have had excellent uninterrupted relation with Tripoli for more than 30 years now.

What these mercenaries are doing though goes to a whole new level and is quite frankly disgusting- they are killing civilians for money! This can never be a legitimate business. Serbia has a responsibility to stop and prosecute it's own citizens if they are found to have committed these crimes.

I cannot imagine what kind of moral compass you are using to justify these action.

By the way, Racak was a massacre. I know Serbs have had a tendency to attempt to re-write the history of what happen in Yugoslavia, but that won't change the facts. Bear in mind most Serbs didn't acknowledge the Srebrenica massacre until recently.
Serbs started to re-write the history of Racak right after it happen. This attempt was recorder by international media. See more at

Balkan Update said...

The Brit said...

I am not sure it's worth responding to your vulgar comment, but you do not have any legs to stand on with your allegations.This news was reported by Serbian media and eyewitness reports from Libya.Is too much to ask you to check the links provided within the article?

All I did here is provide the context under which this happened.

Balkan Update said...

Anonymous said...Thu Feb 24, 11:41:00 AM

I appreciate your well thought out comment, but I am not really in a business of promoting tourism for Kosovo or any other country. This blog is about political happenings in the Balkans & I found this subject to be interesting and relevant.

I do, however, wish you success in that regard. It is certainly a worthy cause.

Anonymous said...

>>>I do, however, wish you success in that regard.
>>>It is certainly a worthy cause.

Ferik, I am not in the tourism business either, it's just "happens" somehow. I probably "know" you (at least now I think so), we probably regularly "brawl" somewhere else.

BTW - as mentioned - with all my opposition to Kosovo I think I did bring more money to your kin than many "supporters" did.

I can imagine you had quite some negative personal experiences with Serbs - bit it is good if you put the past behind you. The reason is that as per my experience - these negative things are less related to any certain ethnic element than to a certain political regime.

We had that regime for over 70 years, you only for a decade at maximum.

Of course, my personal experience with Serbs was and is terrifically good, I like them a lot. But we have over 600 years of close friendship and I tend to forgive them many things. At least, I don't pretend to be impartial.

Regarding this part of your blog: we should leave that Gaddafi alone. He could have mercenaries once being "Tigers", once from "Foreign Legion", heck, once from "UÇK" or ex-Specnaz. He is who he is, who serves him as mercenary tells a lot about himself - move on, that little article from a Serbian tabloid is not much to break your head about.

PS, totally unrelated: I strictly against the idea of putting my own picture anywhere and I make it damn sure no one really knows who I am. Suggest you to do the same because todays' world is not very safe. Don't violate your own privacy and even less, don't violate your children's privacy (if you have or will have any). I would remove all personal pictures of my own and my kids ASAP.

Not my idea, it belongs to my wife - she is a teacher (and same idea also belongs to our Sheriff's Dept).

Crnogorac said...

Long live Serbia and Montenegro!

Arkan said...

Long live Serbia and Montenegro!!!

Balkan Update said...


You have gone way off topic.

Feel free to comment on the subject at hand.

Anonymous said...

>>>You have gone way off topic.
>>>Feel free to comment on the subject at hand.

The subject is probably exhausted. As for Gaddafi?

See here:

"Though the Somozas were generally regarded as ruthless dictators, the United States continued to support them as a non-communist stronghold in Nicaragua. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) supposedly remarked in 1939 that "Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch."

You see the parallel. For Serbia Gaddafi is not even "our son of a bitch", just a trade partner and in addition pretty difficult to handle. God save anyone from "friends" like Gaddafi.

Helsinki W said...

Mr. Oliver Potezica, Miloshevic crony and his top envoy in Baghdad was open admirer of Saddam Hussein decisiveness and his methods of elimination of own political enemies by feeding them into gigantic human meat grinders. Current post, head of mission in Tripoli and till some days ago fanatical supporter of his freaky nazzy regime led by mercurial lunatic Gaddafi. He ought to explain not only to the citizens of Serbia (who finance his lavish life and political extravaganza, but to many in the world diplomacy and security agencies, and especially those who monitor crimes against humanity at least the following:

Why he instructed embassy personnel to hang up on any calls coming from his compatriots from remote pockets of Libya? They are in the lethal danger and ‘left out on the cold’ by their obscure serb-montenegran secret service employers. More, in attempt to reach coast and some evacuation gateway, they are left on the mercy to local gangs and to cruelty of mercenaries from Niger, Chad, and their own countrymen (ex-members of Miloshevic s praetorian guard members) who fight for THE KILLER and represent now iron fist of several inner circles of security around COLONEL as well.

Why he, while still on payroll provided by Serbian tax payers. enjoys his principal sizable income which comes from dubious funds provided by weapon smugglers from Serbia & Montenegro ex-military security - NOW BUSINESS PEOPLE - and by Miloshevich Red Beret’s officers? They pay handsome cuts for good ‘tips, references & connections’ for placing them in proximity and an access to the Leader of Revolution. (Gaddafi s Norwegian pilot of the luxury Airbus is gone…so the only evacuation is possible by Russian military choppers in hands of such loyalties)

Why he suddenly turned back on his friends Gaddafi INCORPORATED telling western diplomats in last days that sons (especially Mutassie, chief of National Security and Saady ARE NOT BRIGHT AT ALL? In addition, he not so discreetly offers that he could supply them with floor plans of Gaddafi secret residences/locations around that vast country including his tribal Sirt…does he expect they would buy this ‘pirouette’ move and IN RETURN suggest to his bosses in Belgrade to place him in D.C. in order to spread intrigues, empty Balantine bottles, and sell his loyalties for BIG green bucks

Balkan Update said...

Helsinki W,
Thanks for that info. This is very interesting. Serbia still using Milosevic's ambassadors.

If he was a big admirer of Saddam Hussein, can't imagine why he would not like Gaddafi :)

If he is as rich as you say he is, he must be involved directly with bringing these mercenaries to Tripoli.

The plot is thickening.Ben Wedeman of CNN just reported on Piers Morgan Show that more Serbian mercenaries are pouring in Libya to help prop up Gaddafi.

Serb Defense Min. today was forced to deny allegation that current soldiers in the Serb military are flying sorties for Gaddafi. He said nothing about former soldiers or just Serbian citizen.

Payback said...

It is now being reported by reputable international media - not subliterate Serbian tabloids aqnd fascist bloggers - that Gaddafi's mercenaries are, as we already knew, Africans, mostly from neighbouring Chad and Niger. BBC also reports the story of a British expat who had to watch his colleagues from Niger, innocent engineers, being torn to pieces by an angry mon that believed them to be mercenaries.

Now, Mr Ferizaj - if a single European is harmed in any way as a result of your lies you should be very worried indeed.

JohnC said...

It is no secret that Serbian mercenaries fought and fight through whole Africa. The French sender ARTE broadcasted one only few years ago with the example of the falling apart of Congo. Now, Libya which was one of the closest (if not even the closest) Ally of Yugoslavia with a huge amount by Serbs supposed to have no mercenaries in Ghaddafi's ranks? Who do you want to fool? It is well known that Serbian mercenaries are found everywhere in the Libyan army and if we see what those people did in the Balkans nobody is surprised that they bomb those unarmed demonstrators with heavy guns. The fingerprint of cowards who play heros only when they are sure of not returned fire can be smelled in Tripolis. But this will change, absolutely! You better run...

Anonymous said...

Witness story from Libya:

The letter is from a young lady who has a dual citizen Libyan-Hangarian father. The gentleman "disappeared" two days ago after being arrested.

Witness description - see the highlighted text inside of the link:

"Bevetette légierőit a civilek ellen, az állam pénzéből lefizetett afrikai zsoldosokat, hogy gyilkoljanak civileket"

Translation, word-by-word:

"He (Gaddafi) did throw his air forces against civilians (and) African mercenaries paid by the government to kill civilians"

(I tried to keep the somewhat grammatically incorrect Hungarian text as it is. Who wrote is a Libyan young lady, her Hungarian is learned from her mother and not perfect).

The word is about "afrikai zsoldosok" = "African mercenaries". Does not mean there aren't others but so far this is one of the politically unbiased reports. We can safely assume, she is familiar with the case because of her father and because she is local.

Balkan Update said...

We all knew about African mercenaries.In fact, most mercenaries are probably from Africa. That does not preclude Serbian mercenaries from serving alongside African mercenaries. This is not an either or situation. We have sufficient evidence to suggest eastern European mercenaries are working on behalf of Gaddafi. In most cases, "Eastern European" has been accompanied by Serbian, in some cases Ukrainian and sometimes Belorussian.

As you are aware, Serbian Defense minister was forced to issue statement denying allegation that current Serb soldiers are running sorties for Gaddafi. He said nothing about former soldiers.

Interesting how Gaddafi gave his first International Interview since the crisis to Serb TV PINK:

How on earth a small TV station such as TV PINK gets such an interview?

There is no doubt he has strong links with Serbs and Serbia.

Anonymous said...

and proud to support every power which is fighting against american pigs of democracy! GO SERBIAN BROTHERS ! KOSOV JE SERBIA ... greating from russia!

Anonymous said...

Feric, the latin american here again. It's clear you are a serb hater. I don't like them nor dislike them as a country. They are people, and every country has good and bad people inside. Behaviours like yours only ignite more irrational hate. You talk of serbs as if they were animals. The reality is that in ex yugoslavia, you had a portion of the whole region that became animals and started killing each other, regardless that they were serbs, bosnians, kosovarians or croats.
What can be seen nowadays, is that while usually serbs, bosnians and croats start to reconciliate, kosovars are still stuck in time, full of grudges and hatred towards serbs, because they dont recognize your country... lets'face it though... you are in no condition to be recognized as such. And your only way to try to pull it through is to constantly lick north-america's ass.

I have known some kosovars, and I have to say you are one of the most reactionary and socialy violent people I've ever met... (there are indeed exceptions, but most of your people are still too full of hate).

My advice, let the past go, bring prejudices down and start fixing your country, which, for european parameters seems like a medieval village.

Anonymous said...

They are a shame and always have been

Balkan Update said...

For those that still doubt the validity of my original post, I thought I share with you this gem:

A Facebook group in Serbia supporting Gaddafi got over 31,000 supporters just two days after being created. It's titled: Support for Muammar al Gaddafi from the people of Serbia. I rest my case!

Added to the original post. Could not leave this out :)

Anonymous said...

Name Ferik,

ha ha, tells everything....

Albanian mafia....

"Serbian Mercenaries Fighting on Behalf of Gaddafi"
ha ha... give us some proof idiot...

TrueIsOne said...

Read BBC and stop lies!

"Col Gaddafi has been accused of hiring mercenaries from several African countries to help battle the rebels."

Slobodan said...

look at this poor albanian from Serbian kosovo...

Gaddafi did not recognize Kosovo so you are biching about him and Serbs....

jadni ste breeee.....

Anonymous said...


BalkanUpdate said...

Did you guys join the facebook support group Serbians have set up for Gaddafi?

Just asking because its number have swelled to 43,000. I can't get 43K people to join a group that stands for protection of puppies :)

Join now! Gaddafi would really appreciate it:

Anonymous said...

Balkan Update said...

What I wrote a few days ago, is now been made official: Libyan opposition complains about huge support(groups with 50K + people) Gaddafi is receiving online from Serbia:

From B92:
"The movement also noted that "for such a small country as Serbia, with a relatively modest number of internet users", organizing more than 50,000 actively involved Gaddafi’s supporters who jointly act online "represented a grand project that demanded a lot of work, commitment and money" "

Libyan state TV has apparently been touting these support groups from Serbia as a sign he has worldwide support.

Say it isn't so Anonymous commentators :)

kgnetfirms said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Proud to be Collonel's mercenary...and you know what I AM DOING IT FOR FREE :)))

You killed all indians, ten milion afrikans in Kongo, 6 milions Jews..and You dare to call me "savage"...
well i just decied to be savage!!! hope that day will come so you can enjoy in pain like my country felt !

Anonymous said...

I'm Serb, from Serbia and I have few things to say about this article:
1) Alo is shit-yellow-paper, totally, and their "sources" are usually their own minds.
2) No way that Serbian pilots helping on Mirage since Serbia never had Mirage planes. we are using Russian-only fighter planes, so it's stupid to believe on this.
3) After all, It Is possible that some gangs made paramilitary group, as they were doing it during wars in Bosnia and Croatia.

and yes,
I support Libya in this conflict.

Anonymous said...

On this day, 12 years ago(23.3.1999), NATO started bombing Serbia. In action, that was called "Merciful Angel" died 3000 civilians and over 5000 were wounded, including childer and women... And you still dare to ask yourself why are Serbs supporting Lybia? How can you be so blind, this is the easiest way for America to get their hands on oil, nothing more. In these days, having a territory with oil is a curse, not a good thing...

Joka said...

Balkan Update said...

I get it:
NATO bombed Serbia to stop it from killing civilians, so now Serbs support Gaddafi to kill his own civilians? This totally makes sense.... NOT.

If you think you are taking revenge on NATO, you would be wrong again. You in fact are taking revenge on Libyan civilians & that's disgraceful.

It's astonishing to me that Serbs are the only group of people in the world who are showing this amount of support to Muammar.
I haven't seen a single other Facebook support group for Gaddafi that approaches 55K members. Not Libyans, not Arabs and not even Africans.
Tells you a lot of what Serbs stand for these days.

muslam_heart said...

I'm from Libya has been arrested on snipers from Serbia who are soldiers of the Serbian army and are under investigation and will be sent Aaataravchm to the Security Council for the killing of civilians. and fare per person 12000 EUR per day. Strangely enough, they kill themselves before their arrest. but then arrested on five revived They are constrained

muslam_heart said...

If NATO did not stop the Serbs in Bosnia, had every Muslim is dead. thank you nato

Now they are in Libya (Misurata) Serb snipers. rooftops. Kill any person man woman child actually dog of war......

Anonymous said...

Long live the great serbian people - down with the fascist USA and UK

from a dane

ime said...

muslam_heart, you don't have a lue about bombing of Serbia in 1999. Because serbia was in war in Muslims in 1992. And NATO had nothing to do with it. Serbia was bombed in 1999 because it didn't want to give Kosovo. And that's it. Serbia didn't want to admit that Kosovo does not belong to it. And do you know why? Do you Know why Serbia cares about Kosovo so much? The fact that kosovo is 15% of Serbia is not the most important, I'll tell you wats most important. The fact that in 1389. a third of population of Serbia was killed in a beatel on Kosovo defendeng it. A fact that the most of churches and monasterys are on Kosovo. The fact that Albanians started comming to Kosovo in 20th century, and just took it. And whan Serbia said: "Kosovo is Serbian!", NATO bombed it. And theres no some organised hacking in the groop you're talking about. You're sources are some yellow papers, and that's it. What happend in Iraq, now will happen in Libiya. Just take the bloody oil and leave the people of Libiya alone!

David King said...

Right now people are crying out for help all over the world. Haiti & Japan just had massive earthquakes & tsunamis & are in need of billions of dollars in support & the middleeast is in chaos & disorder with people getting killed for protesting against decades of tyranny & inhumane living conditions. I don't think Obama is Superman or God, but I do think he is a highly intelligent, worldly wise, & compassionate & the right person to lead the world to a better & more civil state of living. While running for President in 2008 I started thinking about the comparisons between him & M.L.K. I believe that by becoming President of the U.S. Obama is just as or more important than M.L.K. to the Black, minority community & the world. I was so inspired by him running for president that I wrote a song called 'Obama For The World'- the world's theme song for Obama! It's about how all the different things about Obama seem to symbolize his destiny as the 44th. U.S. President! As it is embraced it will also represent the overwhelming support of the world for the positive direction that it is heading, in which Obama is the leading example! If you want Obama's change & America's freedoms sing 'OBAMA FOR THE WORLD'! Obama is a light, Obama is so right, For America, For The World! 50% of the sales will go to Japan, Haiti & the Obama campaign.

Vladimir said...

Well how did You all comment all the mercenaries fighting against serbs in Yugoslavia.Mujahedeens,legionars,brits,duch,and what not.What goes around comes around...

Anonymous said...

first of all Racak was not a massacre, 3 internationally recognized reporters confirmed this, u can look that up if you want but it is the truth. i don't see why people take this on a personal level, and that is directed to both sides. there's only 2 kinds of people in this world, the good and the bad, and that never comes down to nationality, ethnicity, religon, etc. Serbia and Libya were friends and the 2 countries support each other. whether they are the bad guys or not depends on which side you fall under. these days people seem to only see things their way. no one ever seems to try and see what the other side sees. for intance, most western countries have no idea why kosovo is important to serbia but most eastern countries protested NATO's aggresion (it was unauthorized, i'm just sayin). on the topic of Gaddaffi, a large portion of the population do still support him, Serbia supports him because he supports Serbia. Both sides see themselves as the good guys and the other as bad guys. Point is, both sides are too ignorant to even try and see things from the others point of view so bloody conflicts shall continue on until end of time and path lighted by ignorance and lined in aggorgance. I would also like to mention blood shall be spilled as long as people resort to using bullets instead of pens to solve their issues.

This is what i heard Gaddafi is offering Serbian Mercenaries:
1. 10,000 to 20,000 monthly in cash
2. Citizenship
3. Wives / Prostitues
4. Jobs as guards for Gaddafi or his family memebers...

I'm just sayin that is an enticing offer to any mercenary.

Anonymous said...

anybody have a contact??

Zenegra said...

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Anonymous said...

This is a weak story and smells of Serbia bashing. Lets talk about Israel, United States and its hidden wars in Guatemala , and El Salvador,the British and French in Africa...come on, this is such a weak attempt at demonizing a small nation. Merceneries will go where the money is. Killing civilians is a crime no matter who does it. Why don't you write or report on how the west has murdered countless civilians in their wars of aggression all over the world, espesially against small countries who cannot defend themselves. But of course your serving your puppet masters and their agend, it makes you a whore to them and you betray your brethern all over the world.

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